Hello world!

Amber Hart

 Great Beauty is my company name for my Beauty EMPIRE.  “Amber Hair Care”  which is all organic hair care line is the first to be launched.  The inspiration to create my own hair care line came from years and years of being a hair stylist, dealing with different types of hair textures and issues I found myself recommending known products to my clients and one day I had an “Aha?!”  moment and decided to create my own hair care products.  I knew my clients hair better than they did so I researched for ingredients that maintain healthy hair and scalp and developed a product thats for everyone in your family.  Great Beauty’s focus is make a difference in this world through beauty.  So keep your eyes open for what Great Beauty Has for you!!!!!


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Was very tantalized looking at ur products n will be eager to use . n tell my freinds n family congradulations. on ur success.

  2. Mrs. Demetria Says:

    Nothing but Blessings from me to you. May you have much success with “Amber Hair Care” and all that you do. I love you, and I am oh so proud.

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